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How to Increase Revenue, Pricing, and Profitability

arrowEvery distributor wants to increase sales, improve pricing and grow bottom line profits.  Some distributors are successful while others are not.  Sales Apex has solved this complex challenge and developed a straight forward approach that distributors can follow to profitably grow their business.

We can help your sales team target the greatest opportunities in accounts for revenue growth and pricing improvement.   Our Sales Potential locator report clearly shows where the sales gap exists in your existing accounts.  The Sales Pricing locator highlights exactly where immediate pricing opportunities exist in accounts.  With just a few clicks you now have all the information you need to develop account based sales action plans to help improve your sales, pricing and account profitability.

How we identify missing sales opportunities.

Our approach compares the sales of your desired target customer with the overall sales for businesses in the same segment.  For example, consider cleaning supplies. Taking the sales of cleaning supplies as a percent of overall sales for the account, let’s say it’s 3%.  We may know that typically in accounts of that type the percent of total sales for cleaning supplies is 7%, so we know that there is approximately 4% more sales of cleaning supplies that can be sold in your account. Now your sales team can prioritize their time and focus on selling cleaning supplies versus based on concrete evidence, instead of gut feel. The report shows you the products that offer the greatest revenue potential.

We also have and advanced approach to determine sales potential which uses a size estimate for each account in a segment and compares the expected results of an account to the segment based on your sizing estimate.  For example let’s consider a typical elementary school. If you’re selling at the school and know that the opportunity for cleaning products is $50 per student per year and you know the number of students at the school, you can quickly determine your overall potential of cleaning products. The gap between what you are currently selling to that school and its potential can provide you with specific selling opportunities.

How we determine where there are pricing opportunities.

Our pricing tool compares your actual pricing of each product, or product family, with how everyone in your company sells those products, or product families, to other customers in the same industry.  For example, if you are selling waste paper containers at 25% margin and typically your peers sell waste paper containers at 40% margin we know that we underpricing that product in this specific account.  Now your sales team can develop a clear and measurable plan of action to improve product margins.

Our Visions of the Future of Selling

Imagine just before you walk into an account you receive a concise report that shows you what products you should be selling, which products are selling below the standard margin, and on which items you can make adjustments to the pricing and still be extremely competitive in the market.

With SalesApex all of this with a single report.

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